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Altering History

On my father’s side of the family, I have become the “go-to girl” for family photos. Every year, my grandmother sends out a holiday card with a photo of everyone in the family. Now it used to be that if you missed the day, tough luck, you weren’t in the photo that year. Very few people ever missed photo day for just that reason (well, that and my grandmother also tends to throw kick-ass parties on photo day). Alas, we have now entered the digital age. If you weren’t actually there, you can now be Photoshopped in! Amazing! And this is now my job. This is the photo I was given for the 2006 card. There are two people NOT in my family in the photo who had to be taken out, six people MISSING from the photo, and my Uncle Dave was blinking. D’oh.

2006 Brakeley Family BEFORE

With a bit of patience, a little digital magic, and photos of everyone who was missing, VOILA! A whole new historical event! One where Uncle Dave didn’t blink and the WHOLE family made it to the party!

2006 Brakeley Family AFTER

This year was even more challenging. There were TEN people missing from the photo. TEN.

This is Before:

2007 Brakeley Family BEFORE

And here is After:

2007 Brakeley Family AFTER

I think we all look pretty good for being at an imaginary event!

Taking people out of or putting people back into photographs seems like such a simple thing now a days. With a tool like Photoshop and the right lighting, you can put yourself anywhere in the world! But people have been manipulating photographs almost as long as photography has existed. Just ask Nikolai Yezhov.