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Callithump! article

As most of you know, Matt and I have been working on a project called Callithump! It is a magazine of arts and literature distributed through toy capsule vending machines. An issue is distributed across multiple capsules. Each capsule contains an “article,” which might be a poem, a series of photographs, a small sculpture… really any sort of creativity that can fit inside a capsule! (You can read more about it over at )

Well, the lovely folks over at the UMaine Today Magazine got wind of this machine and what we were doing and asked if they could write an article on Matt for their fall issue!  And it just came out today!  You can read it online here:

If you click on the link at the top of the article that says “Slideshow” (or just click here), you’ll be able to see a series of photos I took of the machine and some of the contents of the capsules (and a few of you will recognize your own work there!)  And if any of you wonderful creative types are interested in submitting something for the next issue, we are always looking for more work!  To qualify for the magazine, what ever it is has to fit in a 2 inch capsule.  That’s it!