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More Mollie!

Mollie is another one of my favorite people to photograph!  I’ve been photographing her since she was a little tiny baby!  I can hardly believe how grown up she looks in these pictures!

Mollie peeking

Part of why I love working the way I do is that is makes the kids I photograph completely relaxed.  Because my studio is entirely portable, we can take the pictures anywhere a parent could want! These were taken in Mollie’s bedroom! It meant that she was completely at ease in an environment she is intimately familiar with.  Kids tend to open up and smile so much more easily when they aren’t uncomfortable or scared by a new place.

Mollie closeup

Mollie in her chair

Of course, it does also mean they are a bit more distractable. This is Mollie showing me her dancing skills. She had the keyboard on the floor set to one of those auto tunes all keyboards seem to come with these days and was literally dancing circles around me!

Mollie running circles around me

And here she is hugging her Mumma’s belly. Mumma is going to have a baby any day now!

Hugging Mumma's belly

And of course, since we took these photos the day before Halloween, we had to see the costume. It’s a real cowgirl costume – all the way from Texas (via her aunt)! Personally, I’m a huge fan of the red boots.

Its a cowgirl!

Jackson, Abby AND Morgan!

So I’ve mentioned before that these are some of my very favorite kids on the planet.  And I am delighted to announce that they have a new baby brother Morgan!  (well, he was “new” 7 months before the photos were taken, but you get the idea)  He is just as adorable as his siblings and already has just as much personality.  He is a super mellow kid, which is good news for this highly energetic family.  He actually fell asleep in my arms while I was playing Rock Band with them one afternoon.  Now granted, I was only singing (and not for instance, playing the drums).  But it was far from a quiet performance I was giving.  I had him perched on my knee and when i looked down at the end of the song it was drool city all over my arm and he was in dream land.  The ability to sleep through anything is an excellent quality to have as part of this family.

At any rate, we did our annual portraits a bit later this year than we usually do them.  But the weather worked out perfectly and we got some awesome shots!

Abby by the tree

Abby with the horse

Jackson IN a tree

Jackson smiling

I had to include this outtake in the mix of photos I posted. Jackson has one of those super expressive faces and this just cracked me up. I’m not even sure what happened at that moment to catch his attention! But the look on his face was just priceless!

Jackson - huh?

And here he is! The newest member of this wonderful family! The ever adorable Morgan!

Morgan sitting

Morgan in the air

Music Together – 9/23/08

So here is another in the very long list of why I love what I do: Kids + Music + a chance to dance and be silly = So Much Fun. I got to photograph a Music Together class in Belfast taught by the lovely and talented Laura Donnelly. She is one of those people you just want to know and be around even when she is not singing and dancing. For once, I never had to even think about how to get these kids to smile – they were having so much fun, they couldn’t STOP smiling! Photographing events like this can barely be called work for me. It was hard not to join in and sing along!

Music Together - keeping the beat

Music Together - mother and son

Music Together - Laura clapping

Music Together - Laura singing

Music Together - happy baby

Music Together - WOW!

Music Together - all together now!

Music Together - danceing

Music Together - flying baby!

Music Together - triangle

Music Together - into the groove

Music Together - big hug!

Photo-A-Day: The Best of Week 9

This was a hard week to pick from! I liked each photo for different reasons. But finally, my sentimental side won out and I chose Day 58, February 27th:

Day 58

This is Morgan! I’ve mentioned his mom Laura before on this site. I couldn’t be happier for her and Shane (his dad!) and his big brother Jackson and big sister Abby (two of my favorite people and photographic subjects). He is a mere 6 days old in this photo and destined to be the star of many many more. He’d been sleeping all day when I got there and only opened his eyes for the few photos I managed to get in! As with his siblings, I’m sure his early memories of me are just going to be big flashes of light.

I’ve mentioned before how much I love this job, but I’ll say it again. I LOVE THIS JOB. I get to watch life unfold around me and help keep the record of it. How cool is that?

As always, you can see more of my photos from this and every other week over at my flickr site.

Restored Baby Photo

A client came to me recently with this photo of herself as a baby. Isn’t she adorable?

Baby Photo BEFORE

She was so distraught because it was the not only the only copy she had of this image, it was the only one she had of herself as a baby AT ALL! And there was a huge scratch in it! She told me that years before (20 or so), she’d asked another photography studio if they could do anything to fix it. They told her no, it was impossible. Well, its not impossible any more! Now there is Photoshop!!

Baby Photo AFTER

No more scratch! No more strange coloring and flaking off surface. With something like this where you can see the surface of the photo flaking away, it is especially important to have your image preserved as soon as possible. Now, instead of trying to see the baby through all the marks, all you see is the adorable baby!

More Generations

On the bus for Irish Studies

I met Alahna when I was living in Ireland in 1999 and attending the Burren College of Art for a semester. Amazingly enough, she was also from Maine and struggling with so many of the same issues I was. We bonded very quickly.

Alahna and the Castle

I photographed her a lot while we were in Ireland. She is infinitely photograph-able and put up with me quite well.

Alahna's hands

Through the door at Bunratty Castle

I mean really, how could you not like this woman? Besides her kindness and HUGE heart, she is just, like, totally adorable!

Havin' a pint

Though this picture is kinda crappy (taken with a disposable camera in low light – yikes!) it is a great reminder of all the fun we had (and all the Guinness we drank).

One of my favorite photos of myself in Ireland is this one that Alahna took of me:

Me with the Irish music

It really has nothing to do with the photo itself and everything to do with the story behind it. We were at the Cliffs of Moher (for probably the 3rd or 4th time) and Alahna noticed this little display that was playing Irish music. And she said, “Oh! Music! Stand in front of it and I’ll take your picture.”

Um, you want to take a picture of me with the music?

Hence the look on my face.

Our friendship survived the long voyage back across the pond and has strengthened so much in the intervening years. We both finished college and struggled with what to do next in our lives.

And then this guy happened.

Alahna & Tom

And then this happened (as these things tend to).

Alahna, pregnant

She is five months pregnant in this picture. I took this at her baby shower in August of 2006.

sweet face

At the time, she and Tom (the guy) were (and sadly still are) living in Colorado. So when she was home in Maine on a summer visit, her parents took the opportunity to throw her a big ol’ party. It was amazing and sweet to see the huge outpouring of love for her and this new life growing inside of her. The party was held in the gym of the elementary school where her mother works and where Alahna attended once upon a time. I stole her away from the party for a few precious minutes to take some photos.

Alahna, pregnant and on the swing

Alahna, close up

Kiss the baby

Much to my dismay, these are the only pictures I was able to take of her during her pregnancy. The next time I saw her was almost a year later and by then the baby was very much on the outside.


Armando Mael, AKA Manny, is almost 8 months old in these pictures. Hes got such a great expression on his face here. Like he is not quite sure what the thing strapped to my face is or why its pointed in his direction.

Behind bars

Alahna can make him laugh SO HARD. There are very few things better than baby giggles and his are some of the best.


That face he makes

Alahna and Tom were both very excited I caught this face on film. Evidently he makes it all the time, but this is the first time they’d gotten him to do it for a camera. Holy Strange Face, Batman!

Manny smiles!

Alahna & Jess & Manny

I love how concerned he looks in this picture.

Alahna’s sister is also named Jessica, so I will be his Auntie Jess while she gets to be his Aunt Jessie. Terribly confusing, I know, but what else are we to do? He has to call me something! Hopefully they’ll all move back to Maine in another year or so when Alahna is finished with her advanced schooling. And then I’ll have this little guy and his momma to photograph to my hearts content! Just as with Laura and her family, it is so much fun to have a whole new generation of friends to play with. I love my work!

Good Gollie Miss Mollie

Sweet Mollie, originally uploaded by jess_leclair.

This was taken the same day that Mollie took her very first un-aided steps into her Daddy’s arms. What a day!