About Jess LeClair

Jess LeClair is an intermedia artist whose work combines her love of books, narrative, collage and found objects. Much of her work deals with the places that storytelling and physical objects collide.

She received her BA in Visual Arts from Brown University with a concentration in photography. While at Brown, she worked as the staff photographer for the Theater Department, which, to this day, is still one of her most favorite jobs EVER. She also spent a semester studying art and Irish history at the Burren College of Art in Ballyvaughan, Ireland. After graduating, she spent several years working as a photographer and photographer’s assistant for a variety of portrait and wedding photographers in Los Angeles, CA and Portland, Maine. After returning to Maine, she decided to pursue teaching and completed the Art Education program at the University of Maine. Once she received her teaching certificate, she spent several years teaching art to Middle and High School students in Maine. All the while, she continued to work as a portrait and wedding photographer and eventually took that on full time as Jess LeClair Photography. In 2010, she returned to U Maine as part of the Intermedia MFA program.

Jess also works with her husband, Matt LeClair, on Callithump!, a magazine of arts and literature that is distributed via toy capsule vending machines. Each capsule contains one “article” or piece of the larger whole. Jess has worked both as an art editor and a content creator for the machines. Callithump! machines have appeared in a wide variety of venues all over Maine and New Hampshire.

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